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After performing the utility locating, Utility Survey Corp. can offer a digital GPS (Global Positioning System) mapping option for plotting your utility layout.

Georeferencing - GPS: All projects performed by Utility Survey Corp. where georeferenced (GPS) positioning of targets is required will be carried out with a portable Trimble Geo-7X GPS system of 1 cm accuracy ( or minus half-inch corrected*).

We believe that it’s important for our clients to understand that the collecting and plotting of utility data should only be carried out with GPS systems that have the highest possible level of positional accuracy.Many portable GPS mapping systems in use do not give the level of accuracy we believe is necessary for utility mapping. These products are typically sub-metre (i.e. plus or minus approximately three-feet corrected*) or decimeter (i.e. plus or minus four-inches corrected*).

In our opinion, it’s pointless, and even potentially hazardous, to create a digital map with anything other than the most accurate system available.

*Corrected means that the collected GPS field data must be exported to an external satellite data correction service for positional adjustment, or correction. The reason for this is that raw satellite data can be affected by potential shielding errors; i.e. tree canopies, high buildings etc. The Geo-7X accesses the highest number of satellites to record multiple date and time-stamped long/lat coordinates. The correcting process correlates and adjusts the data to give our clients the highest available level of utility plotting.  



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