What Are the Benefits Of An Underground Water Leak Detection Survey?

WATER-1-155481-edited There are Three Major  Benefits of a Water Leak  Detection Survey:

 Cost: Water leakage is expensive. Lost water    equates to lost revenue.

 Return on Investment: The cost of a leak  detection survey will easily be recouped by: 1. The cost of water saved and; 2. Eliminating potential cost of damage to infrastructure (ie. sinkholes undermining roadways/foundations etc).

Avoiding Inconvenience & Emergencies: Leakage can be an unnecessary and avoidable problem when it prevents consumer demand from being met. Leakage can cause a water supply to be reduced or cut-off entirely. This will have a serious serious impact on fire-fighting ability.

Another benefit of a leak survey is for those water systems who don’t have the ability to produce their own water but have to buy it in from other system operators. This is often the most expensive way to get access to water.

Water purchasing agreements often come with an escalating cost scale that ratchets disproportionately upward with increased usage. These kinds of contracts may also stipulate substantial penalties for exceeding the contracted quota.

A water leak detection survey should be carried out in a professional, methodical, and comprehensive way with skilled and experienced technicians utilizing the most advanced technology and methods.

Utility Survey Corp.’s proprietary "10-Step Water Leak Detection Protocol™" will give you this assurance.

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