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Underground Utility Locating/Concrete Structure Scanning Specialists

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Find out more about the Power of GPR in our GPR Information Guide, including a picture of an actual GPR image.

Check out our 10-Step Utility Locating Protocol™" to learn what we do for you!

Check out our "10-Step Concrete Structure Protocol™" to learn what we do for you!

5 Assumptions That Can Kill Projects, Profits, and People

Find out more about the methodology used in our 10-Step Profiler Protocol™"

Utility Survey Corp.’s 10-Step Water Leak Detection Protocol™ will answer your questions!

A comprehensive guide to all that we offer!

Tired of dealing with out of date and inaccurate prints? Interested in developing a more accurate up to date representation of your work site?Utility Survey Corp.’s 10-Step GPS Mapping Protocol™ could be exactly what your looking for!

How do the Romans innovative ideas affect our industry?Sign up to find out!

Concrete Structure Scanning E-Book

Utility Locating Terminology and Equipment Guide

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