Ground Penetrating Radar

Utility Survey Corp. was one of the earliest users of Ground Penetrating Radar technology for Underground Utility Locating and Concrete Structure Scanning. We also use it for finding underground storage tanks, hidden structures such as old foundations, voids and delamination, and mapping septic fields. Click here to read more about Utility Survey Corp.’s Ground Penetrating Radar Services.

Underground Utility Locating

When excavating, trenching, or boring, one utility hit can compromise safety, endanger the site, and waste money, resources and manpower. Someone could even get killed. Utility Survey Corp. utility locating professionals have the training, expertise and years of experience in locating buried utilities, underground storage tanks, and other hidden objects. Click here to read more about Utility Survey Corp.’s Underground Utility Locating Service.

Concrete Scanning

Saw-cutting, drilling, or coring concrete slabs, walls, ceilings, pillars and beams can be very hazardous. Utility Survey Corp. can GPR scan your work area to help you avoid hitting hidden electric conduits or post-tension cables. We can also detect voids and delamination, mark-out rebar patterns and determine slab thickness. Click here to read more about Utility Survey Corp.’s Concrete Structure Scanning Service.

Water Leak Detection

A leaking water pipe costs real money. Leaks can also cause subsidence and undermine foundations. Thousands of gallons a day, every day, can be going to waste. Water leaks seldom reveal themselves. Finding them can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Utility Survey Corp. utilizes sophisticated computer systems and experienced technicians to pinpoint leaks on all types of commercial and municipal water systems. Click here to read more about Utility Survey Corp.’s Water Leak Detection Service.

Utility Mapping/CAD Drawing

Utility Survey Corp. is one of the largest, oldest, and best equipped utility locating and mapping companies in the business. Our highly trained and experienced technicians have worked on more projects and mapped more sites than most. We accurately locate utilities and transpose that information directly onto drawings that our clients can understand and work with. Click here to read more about Utility Survey Corp.’s Utility Mapping/CAD Drawing Service.