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Utility-Survey-utility-locating What Are Utilities?

The description “Utilities” refers to the pipes, cables, and wires that carry services to and from residential and commercial properties. These are services that everyone should be familiar with and that they use daily.

Although these utilities are essentially our modern-day society’s life-support system most people have no idea where they are or how they get to their house or office or factory etc. They wouldn’t know where to start looking or how to find them. That’s OK because Utility Survey Corp. does.

Utilities are gas and water pipes, electricity and telephone wires, sewer and drainage pipes, and TV and fiber-optic cables. Some of these utilities we see hanging from poles above the street, while others are hidden away beneath our feet under the ground.

It is those utilities that are buried in the ground and out-of-sight that Utility Survey Corp. specializes in finding. And, we’ve been doing it for 25 years.

There are also other things that aren’t utilities at all that still get thrown into the “Utilities” description – and which the client still needs US to find.

Items such as Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) and drums. Old building foundations may be covered too, and clear wells. It can be basically anything that causes an obstruction or a potential hazard to our clients when they commence their excavating, trenching, or drilling activities.

These are Utilities:

Gas Pipes – steel and plastic
Water Pipes – steel, cast iron, plastic, asbestos-cement, wood (yes, you read that right!)
Electric Cables – copper
Telephone wires – copper, fiber
TV Cables – copper coaxial, fiber
Fiber Optic Cables – silica glass fiber
Sewer Pipes – concrete, cast-iron, plastic, brick
Drainage Pipes – concrete, corrugated iron, plastic
Steam Lines – steel
Petroleum Lines – steel

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These are Non-Utilities but we still find them:

Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) – steel, fiberglass
Old Gasoline/Oil Drums – steel, plastic
Old Foundations – concrete, brick
Clear Wells – concrete, brick
Septic Tanks – concrete, plastic