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Why Use Ground Penetrating Radar?

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is the most advanced technology available for sub-surface utility investigations and concrete structure scanning. Here at Utility Survey Corp. we use it to “see” into the ground and inside of concrete structures to locate utilities, objects, and features. These are hidden potential dangers that can seriously impact our client projects should they remain undetected.

An Underground Utility Locating Survey Should Never Be Carried Out Without GPR Scanning

The risk is too great that a plastic gas or water pipe may be missed by conventional old-school locators. Utility Survey Corp. utilizes the latest 270MHz and 500MHz antenna configurations that are optimized for sub-surface utility investigations. They are designed and manufactured for this specific purpose.

We Were One of the Earliest Adopters of GPR Technology for Sub-Surface Investigations

GPR gives that added and very important degree of locating ability that Electro-Magnetic Radio Frequency (EM/RF) locating instruments are unable to provide. We use EM/RF too as part of our 10-Step Utility Locating Protocol™ but GPR is the technology that gives us information that EM/RF just cannot.

GPR is added protection and peace of mind. Equipping each of our service vehicles with its own Ground Penetrating Radar System was a very expensive process – but peace of mind is priceless. And, we owe it to our clients to give them this. 


  • What types of GPR systems are available?

  • How do each of these systems work?

  • What protocol do we follow to ensure we remain specialists in the field?

Find all the answers in our GPR Systems Report.

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