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Underground Utility Locating/Concrete Structure Scanning Specialists

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10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Underground Utility Locating

"Like breathing, a good utility locate should be a natural part of the construction business process."Underground Utility Locating


  1. To Protect Your Workers: An atmosphere of safety will do more to inspire loyalty and quality work. Simply, if they know you care about them, they will care about your business.
  2. Your Client's Trust: When your client can see that you take safety and the protection of their infrastructure seriously, a long term relationship can be established. 
  1. Your Bottom Line: Simple economics suggests that if you are hurting company profits by paying for unwanted damages, those profits will most likely dwindle accordingly. A proactive step toward eliminating those damages keeps a healthy bottom line in place.

  2. The Future of Your Business: When you demonstrate that you’re willing to go the extra-mile to ensure a safe environment, you raise the level of your product and create value for your clients and customers. 

  1. You Protect Your Reputation: Your Business’ reputation may be its greatest selling point. It’s worth protecting.

  1. Securing Future Contracts: Problem-free projects can sell your reputation to others and enhance the value of your investment.

  2. Building of Community Trust: A positive reputation spreads positively in a community.

  1. Neighborhood Businesses Don’t Lose Revenue: By investing in utility locating you can prevent disruption to, and protect the revenue of local businesses that serve you and your community.

  1. peace of mind sign

    No Waste of Tax Revenue: An investment in underground utility location can help minimize the use of taxes to pay for the higher cost of infrastructure repair.

  1. A Big Smile on Your Face: A high quality fringe benefit is the peace of mind your investment provides. 

These are just ten benefits to investing in the services of Utility Survey Corp.

It raises the product value of what you, the business owner, can bring to your clients.

To find out more about the process we follow,

download our "10-Step Utility Locating Protocol™" 

"10 Step Utility Locating Protocol"


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