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A regular day of concrete scanning


Utility Survey Corp. recently did a concrete structure scanning jobfor a client. The client planned to do saw cutting of the concrete floor to install two junction boxes and associated electrical conduits. Our technicians did a thorough concrete scan and found out there was an embedded utility in the way of a proposed saw cutting route.


The detected utility created a problem for the installation plan and the client was concerned. While in conversation discussing the problem, our technician suggested that maybe the proposed saw cutting route could be rerouted to avoid the detected utility.

Instead of connecting two junction boxes separately to two walls, the junction boxes could be connected to each other and together they would only need to be connected to one wall. This way all proposed saw cutting routes would be clear of known utilities.

Our client representative on-site immediately liked the idea and decided to go with it.

Providing the best service is always our goal and our client’s concern is our concern.

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