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Electromagnetic Induction (EM) and Environmental Site Investigation

2KHzInphaseCharter2-175x300One of the best uses for electromagnetic induction (EM) is environmental site investigation. In this post, an environmental site investigation was requested on a former 1950's era military facility. This site is now recreational fields for a local high school. The concern was the possibility of old underground storage tanks that may have been left behind and any pollution that could have leaked into the surrounding soils. The GSSI EMP-400 EM Profiler was employed for some of the data collection for this site.

The image above was a typical data image for the survey profiled at the 2000 Hz Inphase setting. Two areas specifically stand out within this image. First, in the area running from 20-30ft along the x-axis and continuing the full length of the y-axis, there's a strong dotted pattern all along this area suggesting a concrete slab below the grassy turf. Second, the orange-red area at the 0 x-axis, 50 y-axis location in the image suggested a possible metal target (it was determined on site that this was a small pile of metallic debris).

This is just a small example of the usefulness an EM profile can produce. Large areas requiring an underground storage tank survey, septic tank/field investigation or differentiating soil conductivity for environmental assessment can be done efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. The EMP-400 can be incorporated with GPS to speed data collection and correlation with any area being surveyed. Any Phase 1 or 2 environmental assessment looking to establish some level of ground truth in a non-invasive manner, would benefit greatly from an EM profile depending on history and specific aspects of the investigation.

Using an EM profile is of great value for environmental assessment. The GSSI EMP-400 is a great tool for data collection to help facilitate that environmental assessment. Utility Survey Corp. employs the EMP-400 as well as the latest Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems to assure a high level of customer satisfaction.

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