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Voids Under Concrete - Find Them with GPR

Locating-Voids-Under Concrete-Ground Penetrating-Radar

Older buildings, warehouses, and various industrial buildings often have a problem with cracking and sinking concrete.

How does one know when the concrete that’s being traveled upon could be a problem waiting to happen? High frequency, high resolution Ground Penetrating Radar systems are the answer.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) can be a useful tool for determining voids underneath a slab.

Like the image shown above, voids reveal themselves under a slab with GPR by exhibiting a sharply contrasting black-white banding. Often the contrast is either polar opposite of the banding in a normal GPR image or, it is much visually sharper in comparison to the surrounding image.

Utility Survey has the latest high frequency/high resolution Ground Penetrating Radar systems to locate these voids and perhaps, save some costly damage repairs in the future. As Always, Call US Before you Dig!

How do these systems work?

Download our GPR Systems Report to find out.



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