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 Utility Locating

"Jose arrived on time and prepared for the project.  He was extremely knowledgeable of the grounds and had done significant research prior to arriving on site.  Jose was courteous to the staff at the facility and conducted himself in a professional manner.  Jose used multiple devices to locate the utilities, taking time to mark out each one properly and with care. Afterwards, Jose walked the entire site with the general contracting management team, to discuss his findings and concerns. I am very pleased with the overall experience and plan to use Utility Survey Corp. in the future.  I look forward to excavation, knowing that a thorough and complex investigation was done by the USC team.  Thank you!"

~Jennifer Rennie - Ray Building, Inc. 


“I am happy with the quality of service I received from Utility Survey Corp. Their service is great."

~Jeff - Legacy Valve 


"I used Utility Survey Corp. for a mark out in Jersey City. Their technician was extremely knowledgeable and reliable. Mark outs were on point and he was very thorough. He was on time and ready to go. I would recommend Utility Survey Corp. for any of your Mark Outs!!!!!"

~Pete Caminiti - Priore Construction - PM for Telecommunication Sites

"After 3 sewer contractors and another utility locating co. could not find the sewer lateral, I called Utility Survey Corp. Shawn, from Utility Survey Corp. was very thorough, after listening to our situation, he analyzed the site, used GPR and sonar to no avail. He then proceeded to send a signal through the drain contractors metal snake and found the signal. He then checked it with his listening device to verify. I then had him verify the other mark outs. (the water utility mark out from the city was off by 5’!) When we excavated, all his marks where within an inch or two. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him and Utility Survey Corp in the future. Thank You!"

~Louis Cicchella - Kuiken Brothers Company, Inc. 


Ground Penetrating Radar

“Utility Survey Corp. services are customer focused with professional technicians. The Technicians take pride in getting the job done safely.”

~ Matt Coller -CB&I

"Thanks for your work clearing my boring locations. Tony was great to work with. We drilled the holes and had no problems."

~Kevin Patton - Patton GeoTech

"It was a pleasure to have Jose Tejada onsite.  I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Tejada’s professionalism and dedication to getting the job done on time while demonstrating utmost safety.  Thanks again for completing this."

~Richard D. Smalley - BASF

Concrete Scanning

"I just wanted to thank you for coming out and spending the time at our project through the duration of our saw cutting. I really appreciate your time and attention to the detail we needed."

~ Michael Smith - IDC Construction, LLC - Project Engineer

“I was completely satisfied with the services provided. Very professional, equipped with all necessary sophisticated equipment and computers, very knowledgeable in their craft.”

~ Mark Caballero -React Industries

"I called your office to asked about a project we are doing and needed to have scanned.  The woman in your office told me she would have Tony call me back.  Within minutes he did and we spoke about what I needed done.  Tony came out and did a great job locating what we needed and also he communicated everything so well to us. I'm new at this job site but I've worked with Utility Survey Corp. on many jobs in the past.  My staff here was very impressed by Tony and Utility Survey Corp.         I wanted to say thank you!

~Al Rosato - William Blanchard Co. 

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