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Before you excavate, trench or drill call US!

Utility Survey Corp.’s unique and proprietary "10-Step Utility Locating Protocol™" is the primary reason our best clients bring us back to their jobs time and again.

When you hire Utility Survey Corp. you will learn, just like our regular clients, that our 10-Step Utility Locating Protocol™ benefits site projects in four important and specific ways:

1. Safety First:

Minimizing risk and avoiding accidents on construction sites should always be a requirement and never an option. An underground utility locating survey is your best tool in minimizing your risk.

Because we at Utility Survey Corp. realize the severity of the risk you take on each job, our 10-Step Utility Locating Protocol™ will provide you an extra level of comfort that every precaution has been covered before you excavate, trench, or drill.

We are confident, based on feedback from our many long-term customers, that this is a level of assurance no other utility locating company can provide.

2. Proceed with Confidence:

You should never excavate, trench, or drill, wondering if you’re going to run into any unexpected utilities or other obstructions. Why take that chance? Damaging a utility can have potentially costly and/or fatal consequences.

Before any of your construction activities take place we will find and mark those hidden dangers that can more than ruin your day. With our proven and proprietary 10-Step Utility Locating Protocol™ we at Utility Survey Corp. will clear the way so that your work may proceed with confidence.

3. Protect Profitability:

Hitting a buried utility can be costly and damaging to both people and property. It can seriously affect the profitability of your job. Even the smallest of incidents can cost big money in unplanned for and expensive emergency repairs.

Even if no utilities get damaged, unexpectedly uncovering any utility that no one knew was there may bring your project to a grinding halt anyway. A re-design may be necessary. Manpower and machinery will be idle until a solution can be arrived at.

There are just so many unanticipated factors that can affect your bottom line. Incident prevention is so much more cost effective than any cure.

Planning ahead to have Utility Survey Corp. locate and flag all utilities with our 10-Step Utility Locating Protocol™ before you excavate, trench or drill, makes for a sound investment.

4. Peace of Mind:

Imagine if there was a process or methodology that could significantly reduce your risk that came with an investment of as little as a fraction of 1% of the project budget, you’d probably agree that is an investment worth making, wouldn’t you?

You might be surprised to learn that our service, our 10-Step Utility Locating Protocol™ is typically a minuscule, inconsequential cost on the average construction project. It’s what the accountants typically call a rounding error.

When your client asks you to go find the cheapest utility locator, you could be setting yourself up to shoulder an unnecessary and unacceptable risk. It is YOU that could end up losing everything. Do you really want that? I’m sure it’s not your client’s intention at all, but it is in fact a reality.

Unfortunately, you will be named on any lawsuit if something goes wrong and a gas pipe, a high voltage wire, or some other utility gets hit. It won’t matter what the “exclusions” in the contract you have with your client say because the lawyers go after everyone regardless. We all know that.

Imagine how such a dreadful scenario would impact your life in such a negative way. It’s not a situation anyone would want to find themselves in, and you don’t have to.

A quality utility locating service that you and your client can trust requires a methodical and systematic approach. Our 10-Step Utility Locating Protocol™ is optimized to give you this.

We never compromise quality to get the sale. We think you will agree, wouldn’t you, that the most rewarding and productive relationships are based on trust and not on transactions.

We know that your and your client’s primary concern is maximizing your project profitability. We both know however, that just one accident of even minimal damage can wipe it out in an instant. That is why having your client invest in the quality of service that our 10-Step Utility Locating Protocol™ will provide protects your project’s overall profitability and must be included in the budget from the start. It’s an inexpensive investment that gives you a new, higher level of assurance, that you need.

Utility locating is a necessity.

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