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Mapping/CAD Drawing


Old, as-built drawings or record drawings of underground utilities, other underground hidden targets and under-slab objects must be accurate for safe excavating, safe concrete cutting or boring and trench clearing work.

Existing conditions/current conditions are quite likely to differ significantly from the original plans. And, many properties have no plans at all!

Miles of Experience

As one of the largest, oldest, best equipped and best manned teams in the survey business, we have seen more projects and mapped more sites than most of the other guys. It adds up to hundreds of miles of mapping experience — Utility Survey Corp. has a powerful advantage over other, less experienced firms.

Utility Survey Corp. offers a wide range of utility mapping options that can be undertaken with, or separate from, our utility locating services. Whether you need to create CAD drawings of underground conditions from scratch, or update existing ones with new utility information, accuracy and up-to-date information is essential to safety.

Underground Mapping Services

Our underground mapping services are also successfully used in archaeological investigations, environmental investigations, cemetery mapping, and forensic investigations. These passive investigation techniques leave the areas under investigation undisturbed. Normal activities at the site can operate as usual during underground mapping operations – no service disruptions, no damage, no costly repairs.

In addition, Utility Survey’s Corp.'s specialists can transform existing paper drawings into CAD file formats and can overlay aerial photographs with underground utility details. We also offer regular updates as part of our utility mapping services to ensure that our clients always have the information they need.

We are now offering GPS Mapping Services. Check out our GPS Mapping Services page for more information.