Water Leak Detection


The Need For a Water Leak Detection Survey


Water pipes can and do leak. They typically fall into two simple but distinct categories:

1. Those that are leaking now.

2. Those that are going to leak.

Did you know that most water leaks are invisible?

The popular misconception is that water leaks shoot up out of the ground like a huge geyser. Some do, we’ve all seen pictures of those, but, they are mostly major line breaks and are kind of rare. You don’t need our help to find those.

No, gravity plays its part with most leaks and they seep away silently and unnoticed into the ground below where no one ever sees them.

Did you also know that water leaks never go away by themselves? Unfortunately they don’t fix themselves and will always be there to cause you trouble and cost you money; until they’re found and stopped.

You may never even know you have a leak but you may have wondered why your water bill is high and why it continually increases? Have you ever noticed that?

Every water system world-wide leaks to some degree. Estimates of losses caused by leaking pipes varies but an average of 25% is the commonly used number.

Water losses as high as 60% and more have been reported as occurring in cities all over the globe. Hong Kong for example, reported their leakage in 1999 as being between 30% to 40% of its total daily water production.

  • Invisible leaks are often the cause of the majority of losses a water system experiences.

  • Invisible leaks can go unnoticed unless routine leak detection surveys are carried out.

  • Invisible leaks will only get worse and may eventually create an emergency.

  • Water leaks can occur anytime and anywhere. Any water system on any type of property is susceptible to leaking.

There are many types of clients who can reap major benefits from a leak detection survey. Here are some the many we have helped with our proprietary "10-Step Water Leak Detection Protocol™":

  • Airports & Ports

  • Apartment Buildings & Complexes

  • Hospitals

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Military Installations

  • Municipal & Private Water Systems

  • Residences

  • Schools & Universities

  • Trailer Parks

It makes no difference what type of property it is, all underground water pipes are subject to deterioration and/or fracture at some point in their useful lives. They live in a hostile environment after all.

It’s a very sound practice to include a water leak detection survey on any general system-wide maintenance schedule.

Utility Survey Corp.’s proprietary "10-Step Water Leak Detection Protocol™" should be an essential part of your structured maintenance and cost-saving program.