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Underground Utility Locating/Concrete Structure Scanning Specialists

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Site Investigation and Problem Solving with Utility Location Services

Problem solving doesn't necessarily go hand-in-hand with the average utility location service. Utility locating can have more applications then just protecting utilities from damage. Often, utility location can be done for purely investigative purposes. It's important for any private utility locating service to have good problem solving technicians with the experience to know what approach, or combination of approaches, will yield the best results for a client.

Recently a client approached our company with extremely high electric bills. The electric meter was several hundred yards from the building. Part of the property was city parkland and the other part was a private enterprise. The client suspected that the city was tied into his electric service. Utility Survey was hired to locate the underground electric. Locating unaccounted for utilities can have tremendous cost savings. It was recommended that an additional electric sub-meter be installed at the building where the client could better monitor his electric consumption. Over time properties are subdivided and redeveloped and many times the existing underground utilities are not updated. An underground utility survey can often answer questions that go on for years in regards to utility consumption.

The history of a site will often require an investigative locate. Old drawings suggesting utilities that may or may not still exist can often require a varied approach to determine what is still current to the site. A Technician's experience in site investigation with a keen mind for problem solving is an important factor for success on sites like these.

For over 20 years Utility Survey's clients have relied on us to be their solution for various site investigations. It's our experience combined with the latest equipment that gives us a decided advantage over many of our competitors. It's an advantage that saves our clients time and money! Proceed with confidence; Call Utility Survey for your next site investigation.


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