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Articles on voids under concrete

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GPR ground penetrating radar locate utilities under concrete voids under concrete Utility Locating/GPR concrete scanning locate pipes under concrete slab locating utilities under reinforcement concrete xray locating utilities locating rebar geological investigation voids under slab concrete x-ray locating voids with ground penetrating radar

GPR is the Preferred Choice over X-Ray for Concrete Structure Scanning

By | on 21, Aug 2015

Utility Survey Corp. has been in the utility locating business for over 20 years and we’re often asked if we use X-ray to look for conduits, rebar etc. inside of concrete slabs? The answer is always; [...]

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GPR ground penetrating radar voids under concrete utility location voids concrete scanning voids under slab locating voids with ground penetrating radar

Voids Under Concrete - Find Them with GPR

By | on 26, Dec 2014

Older buildings, warehouses, and various industrial buildings often have a problem with cracking and sinking concrete. How does one know when the concrete that’s being traveled upon could be a problem[...]


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