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Articles on underground utility locating service

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GPR underground utility locating underground utility locating service

8 Misconceptions about Underground Utility Locating

By | on 13, Aug 2019

1. One Call (811) will mark out all my utilities. One Call usually marks only the public portions of the underground utilities. Sometimes they mark electrical power, telecommunication, and natural gas[...]

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ground penetrating radar Utility Locating/GPR underground utility locating service boring locations

Clearing Boring Locations and Drilling...Should it Be Completed the Same Day?

By | on 16, Aug 2018

Before drilling holes into the ground for soil/water samplings, a underground utility survey should be conducted to avoid hitting any present utilities.

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GPR ground penetrating radar UST Locating underground utility locating service EM Profiler

Reducing the Risk of Utilities & Other Unexpected Underground Encounters!

By | on 03, May 2018

To reduce the risk of hitting underground utilities, a underground utility survey utilizing the ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology is often done before starting the ground-intrusive constructio[...]

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ground penetrating radar private utility locating services underground utility locating service

What Makes Utility Survey Corp. Different?

By | on 22, Aug 2017

Providing utility locating and related services is nothing new for Utility Survey Corp., in fact we have been in the business for almost thirty years! Our main focus almost 30 years ago started as a w[...]

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Utility Locating/GPR utility location services private utility locating services underground utility locating service

Job Site Size Does Matter- Why?

By | on 24, Mar 2015

One of the things I hear often from potential clients who want a utility locating survey performed on a large job site is, “It will only take a day or two because I don’t think there’s much there.” Ho[...]

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GPR ground penetrating radar concrete structure scanning underground utility locating service

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) - A Simple Explanation

By | on 22, Aug 2014

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a technology that pulses radio frequencies, by way of an antenna, into a medium such as the ground (or a concrete structure to detect buried objects.


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