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Articles on water leak detection

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water leak detection municipal water loss leak detection

Where's the Value in Water Leak Detection?

By | on 31, Jan 2017

Many municipalities, industries and property owners often cringe at the idea of shaking out a few nickels in their budgets for a proper leak management program. While there is a vague understanding th[...]

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GPR water leak detection Utility Survey private utility locate

On June 20th Utility Survey Corp. Celebrated its 25th Anniversary

By | on 25, Jul 2014

You should have been there when it all started. If you had been there, you would have seen quite the evolution over the last 25 years. Think back to what you were doing 25-years ago. What were things [...]

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water leak detection water loss detection leaking water mains municipal water loss leak detection municipal water loss detection water loss analysis

Is the Water Main Leaking?

By | on 31, Jan 2012

It's a difficult thing to be a Town Water Supervisor under the stress of investigating a possible water main leak. Small to mid-sized water companies can be devastated by a single, large main break th[...]


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