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Underground Utility Locating/Concrete Structure Scanning Specialists

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"5 Assumptions" Series - Assumption # 5

Assumption # 5:  Assuming You Will Walk Away With No Responsibility If Something Goes Wrong 


Even if you’ve dismissed the other four assumptions as not being your concern or responsibility, there are four critical reasons why you really MUST read and pay attention to this one!

 1.  Assuming you will walk away with no responsibility if utilities are hit is an illusion. Man_drilling.jpg

We also know that these life-changing incidents are also wholly unnecessary and avoidable if you have taken the correct and cost-effective, preventative measures to begin with. 

2.  If something goes wrong, especially if there’s an injury or fatality involved, everyone will be seeking to distance themselves from blame and accountability.

That verbal, “ We know there’s nothing here ” will soon be denied.

Even written contracts become virtually meaningless as an incident that could have easily been avoided fast-tracks its way to the courthouse.  

3.  The second you break ground you assume responsibility, ALWAYS.

Insurance, contracts, agreements; these things may protect you up to a degree but in the event of a disaster where someone loses their property or life you have to ask yourself what could you have done differently. 

4.  Peace of mind - is priceless!

GPR_and_Concrete_Edit.jpgIn the scheme of things, the cost of a utility survey is miniscule when compared to the overall cost of a construction project.

It’s a small price indeed for peace of mind!  

The cost of a professional utility survey should be considered not only a worthwhile investment - but a necessary safety measure.  

Sound preventative measures will allow yourself and your contractors to proceed with confidence and provide peace of mind that everything possible has been done to protect your Projects, Profits, and People



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