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Underground Utility Locating/Concrete Structure Scanning Specialists

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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR): Beyond Utility Locating

Locating Underground Storage Tanks – Or Not

One of the more common requests we get is to locate Underground Storage Tanks (USTs). These can be situated on commercial or residential properties. It often happens that when a property is about to be purchased, the new prospective owners unfortunately discover that a UST installed by the previous owner was believed to still be left buried in the ground somewhere. If true, it needs to be found. If not true, it needs to be confirmed that one does not exist. Either way, a problem has to be resolved for the client.

Utility Survey Corp. can help the client in locating underground storage tanks in three important ways:

tank removal


1. Pinpoint the location, size, and depth of any UST(s) that may be there

2. Locate and markout any utilities in the proximity for a safe tank removal

3. Confirm if there are in fact no USTs present anywhere

If a tank has not been removed or properly decommissioned, it can lead to a multitude of problems. For example, there’s the risk of an environmental hazard if a tank deteriorates and leaks (which a steel tank will do eventually). In this case, there will be an expensive cleanup and removal cost - maybe the prospect of fines, too.

Even without an environmental hazard liability, removing a UST is still an expensive undertaking - and a cost the property seller should be carrying, not the new owner. The buyer needs to know for sure what he’s dealing with. Utility Survey Corp. utilizes its advanced GPR Cart systems, to scan properties such as these and find the potential UST liabilities.

Ground Penetrating Radar is the only real technology available to consistently find Underground Storage Tanks made from all materials such as steel and fiberglass. A successful outcome just doesn’t depend on the technology, however. It takes a properly trained and qualified Utility Survey Corp. professional technician to operate that technology and get the results our clients know they can expect from us.

Utility Survey Corp.’s many years of experience using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and other Utility Locating technology has helped our clients; Contractors, Consultants, Engineers, etc to create the safest work environment possible. What some clients may not be aware of, however, is our ability to use our tools and skills effectively, for projects other than utility locating.

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To find out more about the GPR technology used,  click the link below to download our GPR Information Guide!
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