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The Impact of Water Loss

Did you read our lastblog regarding the value of water leak detection? 

Can water loss have an effect on more than monetary loss and infrastructure? Yes!

The impact on the environment can be profound and subtle. There's the obvious, Water leak we all need clean water to drink and it would be a shame to waste it. Then there's the unseen. The increased carbon footprint of having pumps constantly running to make up for the water loss. It is the increased pump use, pump maintenance/replacement costs that increase CO2 in the air from the fossil fuels being burned to support it. According to a study done by Von Sacken in 2001, water utilities are the largest user of electricity accounting for 3% of the total electricity consumption in the US. In addition, it is estimated that 2-3 billion kW/h of electricity is expended pumping water due to leakage.

Last but not least, health! We need water to live; more importantly, clean water. When leaks go Dont drink the water.jpgon unremedied, bacteria is given a chance to infiltrate the water supply through the very distribution pipes used to bring it to your faucet. Even with chlorination, bacteria can gain a foothold. This is why after a main break and repair, the water company will put it's customers on a "boil water alert" until sufficient resanitation has happened.  

Costs, health, the environment, and infrastructure are just a few things that can come into play when water system leakage goes uncorrected. 

Utility Survey Corp. can perform a leak detection survey for you!

Call US at 800-825-9283 for details and to schedule a leak detection survey today!


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