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Underground Utility Locating/Concrete Structure Scanning Specialists

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Underground Storage Tank (UST) Locating

Today’s real estate buyers are not willing to "own someone else’s problems". 

UST.jpgAmong other potential environmental issues during a real estate transaction, underground storage tanks (USTs) are a very common concern which could cause serious problems. The cleanup cost of leaking USTs could be very expensive and it can easily reach tens of thousands of dollars or more. Tanks may contain a wide variety of liquids ranging from non-hazardous to extremely hazardous substances, although heating oil and gasoline are the most common materials stored in USTs.

While some underground storage tanks can be easily identified and located through record searching and visual inspection, others can be hidden underground without showing any indications of their existences.

Utility Survey Corp. has located many USTs, often to the surprise of our clients. Some USTs were from the 1950s or even older. Most of these older USTs have already corroded and leaked.

We use state-of-art technologies including ground penetrating radar (GPR) to search or locate USTs, or to identify and confirm past UST excavation areas. We can also locate UST associated piping and underground utilities prior to drilling or excavating operations. In addition, we offer an optional GPS mapping service if you require a mapped report with interpreted locations and depths.


>Call Utility Survey Corp. today to see how we can assist with finding underground storage tanks on your next project!


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