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Underground Utility Locating/Concrete Structure Scanning Specialists

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Underground Utility Locating and Subsurface Imaging for Civil Design



One of the most challenging tasks for a civil engineer is dealing with outdated as-built plans for underground utilities.

Encountering an unexpected utility during construction can be both dangerous and expensive. It can result in unnecessary utility relocations, construction delays, and costly change orders for the customer.


On a regular basis, Utility Survey Corp. conducts underground investigations to reduce the risk of encountering unexpected utilities.

  • We have successfully used pipe/cable locators and ground penetrating radar (GPR) to locate evident and non-evident underground utilities for civil design applications. We also have an emergency plan if our clients have locating needs on weekends when you encounter unexpected underground utilities. 
  • Utility Survey Corp. also conducts electromagnetic induction (EMI) mapping to locate anomalies which could include underground storage tanks, septic systems, archaeological burials, etc. All these underground anomalies can be investigated during the designing process, and costly rerouting and construction delays can be avoided
  • In addition, if the bedrock is shallow and could affect your construction budget significantly, we can also do bedrock depth mapping using techniques such as seismic refraction and electrical resistivity imaging. Compared to geotechnical borings, it’s a more continuous mapping and more efficient for large-scale projects.mapping

Utility Survey Corp. specializes in underground utility locating and subsurface imaging for your civil design needs.

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