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Underground Utility Locating/Concrete Structure Scanning Specialists

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Locating Multiple Targets Within and Below the Concrete Slab

Is it possible to locate pipes, conduits, and other hidden targets, not only inside, but also underneath concrete slabs?


FILE____013B-1-300x171Hidden targets such as electric conduits situated inside concrete slab pose problems of a potentially dangerous nature before a client begins saw-cutting or coring. Just imagine when you have utilities both inside and below the slab to worry about.

Whether it’s a conduit located below or tied close to a rebar rod, or a floor drain underneath a slab (and at what depth?) or knowing what the slab thickness is to adjust a concrete saw to, the need for a full frequency range of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) antennas that can resolve these issues is a must.

What's needed is a GPR system with a complete range of very high frequency antennas to "see" objects and conduits within slabs of varying thickness AND to see targets at the underside and below a slab.

There is no universal "see all" GPR antenna to cover all applications. Utility Survey deploys GPR systems with a full complement of antennas operating on different frequencies to give our clients the best information possible so they may complete their work safely and cost effectively.

GPR isn't entirely infallible however, and it can have limitations under certain conditions. But, for the vast majority of needs, it is THE only accurate, safe, and cost effective concrete scanning solution.

Need more information? Contact Us. We would be happy to answer any question you might have to determine if Ground Penetrating Radar is the right solution for your company's needs.

How do the GPR Systems work and what are there capabilities? Find out in this report!

  GPR Systems Report


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