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Environmental and Geological Assessments Using the GSSI EMP-400 Electromagnetic Profiler

Environmental and Geological Assessments Using the EMP-400 Electromagnetic Profiler

emdata-2kHzConThe GSSI Profiler EMP-400 is a frequency domain, electromagnetic profiling system. It's an extremely flexible induction tool because it allows the operator to select multiple frequencies for surveying. By acquiring multiple frequencies, the user can select the frequencies that provide the best results for a specific application. Up to three frequencies can be selected in the range of 1,000 Hz to 16,000 Hz giving a broad spectrum of application within inphase, quadrature and conductivity modes of EM data.

By using the Profiler as a quick reconnaissance level survey tool, users are better apt to narrow down areas of interest on large survey sites for more invasive investigation such as potholing or borehole sampling. The Profiler can also be used hand-in-hand with other methods like Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to broaden the information gathering and to better the identification of subsurface anomalies or to differentiate structures.

Many companies find Electromagnetic Induction (EM) to be an effective survey method for large-scale environmental assessments, such as UST and drum locating, pollution plume mapping, septic field and landfill delineation.

Electromagnetic Induction is a useful tool for geological assessments, as well. The EMP-400 Profiler can be used to establish the salinity of soils by measuring its conductivity. This can be used for agricultural and watershed examination. The establishment of salt-water infringement into fresh-water systems or conductive soil delineation from more mineral-based soil types.

>Utility Survey Corp. employs the GSSI EMP-400 Profiler for the aforementioned disciplines and for many utility based industries, as well.

Find out more about the process used in our "10 - Step EM-Profiler Protocol".  

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